A Greasy Roof Can Come Crashing Down On Profits

Grease on a roof puts you on a slippery slope toward leaks, expensive repairs, voided warranties, unsafe work areas, fire hazards, and lawsuits. Sometimes, it causes local fire authorities to fine building owners or tenants and shut them down.

When fatty acids from cooking fats, oils and grease come in contact with a roofing system it causes most roofs to soften, delaminate, blister or crack depending on the specific roof material. Fatty acids from grease void most roof warranties, and roof replacements are expensive. Pooling grease and its runoff into the storm sewer presents an environmental problem and potentially costly fines.

Grease and oil can cause other problems, as well, such as fall hazards for rooftop maintenance workers and an increased potential for fire. Also, fire inspectors can close your business if they find excessive grease on the roof.

Protect Your Business’ Roof From Grease Fire Damage

Have you seen a grease fire or damage that grease can do to roofing? We have.

That’s why Grease Masters carries and installs a full line of products to ensure your roof is protected. Learn more about Hinge Kits, Grease Gutters & Catches, and Grease Filter Media

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