Grease Trap Repairs & Replacement

We Know Grease Traps

There’s no time to waste when a grease trap needs repair or perhaps replacement.

Why trust a general plumber to assess and fix the problem? Our experienced master plumbers know the unique needs of restaurants and commercial & industrial kitchens. This translates into to getting your operation up and running as soon as possible.

Grease Masters has a range of services to meet your needs.

  • Complete installation of grease trap/ interceptor
  • Skilled professionals assessing the individual needs and capacity requirements of each location

Grease trap maintenance subsequent to installation including:

  • Regular inspection of all working parts inside interceptor
  • Repairs on broken elbow fittings, collapse flow diverters, and manhole replacements due to cracks or shifting 

Here is what you can count on from Grease Masters

For installations:

  • A master plumber will review the grease trap needs and requirements, obtain the necessary permits, and oversee the work of a skilled construction crew.
  • The crew will excavate the site, procure the materials, and connect the grease interceptor to all incoming, outgoing, and vent lines.
  • We will call a city inspector and manage the inspection and compliance issues.
  • Finally, we will backfill the excavated area and provide a final cleanup in order to restore the area to a neat and tidy condition.

For repair work:

  • A problem area will be identified, typically by one of our technicians during routine pumping/servicing of the interceptor.
  • We will provide a work order / written description of the work required to restore the interceptor to proper operation.


Grease Masters provides over 300 grease trap repairs every year. Our trained team of professionals works efficiently and effectively to restore your trap to proper working order. And if a replacement is needed, we’ll provide a detailed work plan so that you know every step we’ll take to ensure you have a fully operational grease trap and interceptor.

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Our Cleaning Will Pass All Inspections. Guaranteed.
Grease Masters highly trained technicians use the most advanced process to ensure you’ll meet all local regulations.
Your Schedule Is Our Schedule
All work is scheduled and performed at the time best for your operation. We’ll be on time and provide expert service.
One Call For All Services
Grease Masters is one-stop shopping for used cooking oil removal, hydrovac services, exhaust hood cleaning, grease trap cleaning, sewer and drain cleaning, and plumbing repairs.