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There’s probably not a tougher business to operate profitably than a restaurant or commercial kitchen. Let’s face it, there are so many forces outside of your control … from rising food prices, labor challenges, competition undercutting prices. The list goes on.

You can control the efficiency of your operation and maintain compliance with health inspectors when you commit to a comprehensive kitchen servicing program. You need a trusted source who isn’t here today and gone tomorrow.

When Grease Masters’ founding partners, Pam and John Remstedt, developed their plan to provide services to keep restaurants and commercial kitchen Clean and Green they had a one-word vocabulary to describe to core of the business.


Without a dedication to service, Grease Masters would be just another company. Well, eighteen years later that singular focus on providing the best-in-class service is recognized by operators just like you throughout Eastern and Southern Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Today with a modern service fleet and certified, trained technicians; you can trust Grease Masters for turn-key services to keep you operating safely and without interruption. From exhaust hood cleaning, grease trap pumping, sewer and drain cleaning, to used cooking oil collection, your complete solution is just a phone call away.

Experience worry-free service delivered by a dedicated team who will be on time and get the job completed as safely and as quickly as possible.

Experience a whole new level of service and schedule your appointment today.

Grease Masters

Keeping Commercial Kitchens Clean & Green

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Our Cleaning Will Pass All Inspections. Guaranteed.
Grease Masters highly trained technicians use the most advanced process to ensure you’ll meet all local regulations.
Your Schedule Is Our Schedule
All work is scheduled and performed at the time best for your operation. We’ll be on time and provide expert service.
One Call For All Services
Grease Masters is one-stop shopping for used cooking oil removal, hydrovac services, exhaust hood cleaning, grease trap cleaning, sewer and drain cleaning, and plumbing repairs.