Kitchen Restoration & Equipment Cleaning

Total Facility Restoration and Deep Cleaning

Do you find that there “just isn’t enough time to keep the front and back of house clean?”Don’t’ worry, you have company. It’s a common challenge among most restaurants.

Buying a restaurant that’s been closed for period of time? The equipment will likely need restoration before you can open.  No problem, we tackle those challenges all the time.

Commercial appliances and kitchen equipment are among the hardest things to maintain in a clean state. They take a lot of abuse and require daily cleaning. Over time, commercial kitchens tend to deteriorate and keeping your operation in shape can require a major restoration/cleaning.

Both internal and external inspections focus on the cleanliness of cooking equipment. As you’ve found through experience, it takes hours of labor to bring that equipment back to “inspection ready.”

As your partner in maintaining an efficient operation, Grease Masters provides front and back-of-house cleaning services. Count on us to:

  • Use high-pressure cleaning, electric drills, steel brushes, steel scrubbers, and old fashioned elbow grease to bring that shiny stainless back and get rid of the encrusted grease and burnt-out look.
  • Restore kitchen tile surfaces to newer condition; eliminating grease build-up in grouted areas.
  • Give walls a restored look through special cleaning solutions and low-pressure spray
  • Deep clean restroom tiled floors and surfaces

Save yourself labor, stress and time by relying on us to provide expert kitchen restoration, equipment cleaning and front-of-house cleaning and restoration

Why Choose


Our Cleaning Will Pass All Inspections. Guaranteed.
Grease Masters highly trained technicians use the most advanced process to ensure you’ll meet all local regulations.
Your Schedule Is Our Schedule
All work is scheduled and performed at the time best for your operation. We’ll be on time and provide expert service.
One Call For All Services
Grease Masters is one-stop shopping for used cooking oil removal, hydrovac services, exhaust hood cleaning, grease trap cleaning, sewer and drain cleaning, and plumbing repairs.