Access Panels Reduce Maintenance and Cleaning Costs

Out of the 3 main parts (Hood, Duct, Fan) of a kitchen exhaust system the duct is usually the most problematic. This results when access panels have not been installed.

With the duct work running above the hood and up through the ceiling – it is literally out-of-sight,  out-of-mind. It’s critical that duct work has the proper amount of access panels in the proper place.

Because Grease Masters knows that the vast majority of systems are not fully accessible or have been neglected, we offer a complete line and installation of access panels.

NFPA #96 1-3.1.3 code states “All interior surfaces of the exhaust system shall be reasonably accessible for the cleaning  and inspection purposes.”

NFPA #96 also states:

Access panels are essential to maintaining and cleaning a commercial kitchen exhaust system. If you are not sure about the make up of your system, or whether or not your system may need access panels, call us.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Access Panel Installation in St. Charles, MO

We can install the correct access panels to get your system in compliance and keep your business safe.

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