We Keep You Cooking


Operate safely, without interruption of service and revenues. No need to worry about exhaust hood grease build-up, grease trap overflow, clogged drains, what to do with used cooking oil, or whether your fire suppression systems are ready to go when needed.  


Grease Masters provides a full complement of services that keep St. Louis area restaurants, commercial and industrial kitchens within compliance and running without major disruptions. Grease Traps. Exhaust Hoods. Fire Suppression. Used Oil Collection. Last year we made over 11,000 service calls … all over St. Louis and Southern Illinois. You can count on us, too.


Call us now for a free quote: 636.916.3115. We’ll keep your operation clean and green.


Make A Safe Decision


Reason 1Our Cleaning Will Pass All Inspections. Guaranteed.

Grease Masters highly trained technicians use the most advanced process to ensure you’ll meet all local regulations.


Reason 2Your Schedule Is Our Schedule

All work is scheduled and performed at the time best for your operation.  We’ll be on time and provide expert service.


Reason 3One Call For All Services

Grease Masters is one-stop shopping for exhaust hood cleaning, grease trap cleaning, sewer and drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, used cooking oil collection and maintenance and inspection of fire suppression systems.