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Eliminate sewer fliesdrain flies and their food sources with our drain treatment that utilizes an extra-thick advanced blend of special bacteria cultures and free enzymes to coat drains and cut through the decomposing organic materials that sewer flies & drain flies require to lay their eggs. Our treatment for sewer fliesdrain flies also improves drain flow, leaving behind a fresh scent and preventing costly blockages.

Sewer Fly & Drain Fly Kit

Grease Masters’ Sewer Fly & Drain Fly Kit comes with complete instructions and is advised for people with new infestations of sewer flies & drain flies.

The decaying organic matter found in the “j” traps in floor drains and sink drains provide both a food source and breeding ground for sewer flies & drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies, and other fly pests.

These fly pests cannot be eliminated unless this breeding ground is directly attacked. Treating clogged drains with hot water, bleach, ammonia, or other ordinary drain cleaners is inefficient. Only the regular use of a highly concentrated, professional strength gel for sewer fliesdrain flies will adequately cut through drain scum to prevent drain fly reproduction.

Sanitation Is Key to Eliminating Drain Flies

Sewer flies & drain flies treatment are not a substitute for general sanitation. Sanitation is key to eliminate drain flies!To eliminatesewer flies & drain flies, fruit flies, and other fly pests, a total sanitation program is key. The problem area must be cleaned completely, including eliminating standing water as much as possible and properly disposing of food waste into a plastic bag in a trash receptacle with a tight fitting lid. For treatment of floor or through drains, first remove the screens and scrape off any organic matter. Keep out of reach of children.

Grease Masters provides customers with turn-key solutions to maintaining a safe, clean operation. Call us today. We’re here to help.

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