Commercial Roof Protection With Hinge Kits

The proper hinge changes the way exhaust fans are hinged for cleaning and maintenance. You need a hinge kit that will stand  up to the rigors of opening the exhaust fans.

The best hinge kits allow for ease, convenience, versatility and durability – all help increase the life of the expensive
fan housing by adding support to areas of the fan base that are prone to failure.

Laser cut, heavy gauge, powder coated steel components eliminate the repetitive flexing stress that occurs to a fan base during use and service. These hinge kits are made with corrosion-proof hardware that ensures that the hinge stays firmly attached to the fan and duct.

Reasons Why You Need a Properly Made and Installed Hinge Kit For Your Rooftop Exhaust Fan Assembly

Call Grease Masters today and we’ll recommend and install the hinge kit best suited for your application. You can count on it.

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