High Pressure Power Washing – Spills

Have you had this happen? An employee carrying a container of used cooking oil slips outside as he is walking to the collection container. Oil runs across the back lot. What to do?

Our high-pressure power washing service can wash away grease or cooking oil spills or other spills that will pose a threat to your business.

We use a commercial high pressure hot water power washing,  along with a waste water recovery system to ensure that all waste is removed and that there is no hazardous waste left behind. When cleaning cooking oil spills and stains we use ECO friendly products and have the proper equipment to keep in compliance with all rules and regulations.

Let Grease Masters do the dirty work and keep you from liability of a spill that is cleaned-up incorrectly by others who do not know how to clean the spill and collect the waste water. Avoid the aggravation and possible fines.

Call us today. We can handle any emergency.

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