High Pressure Power Washing – Drive-Thrus

If you operate a restaurant with a drive-thru we would like to ask you a question.

When is the last time you actually took a ride through your drive-thru? When is the last time is was cleaned with high pressure power washing?

For many customers the drive-thru experience represents their total interaction with your company. Yet many drive-thrus are not maintained the same as interior spaces.

It’s easy for busy managers and business owners to not regularly look at this vital area from the customer perspective. High-pressure power washing these areas can be an efficient way to bring this potentially hard to maintain area back in line with your high quality standards.

You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the impression customers get from seeing a clean drive-thru, but certainly you want to avoid the impression a customer would get from having a drive-thru that is an unsightly mess!

There are many aspects of the drive-thru that need regular attention. From the drive-thru window (which is often very neglected), to the actual drive-thru concrete (which is often heavily stained from the high volume of traffic day and night) there are many chances to make a positive or negative impression on your customers) to underneath the canopy, to the menu area … you get the idea.

Having a radiantly clean exterior portrays to your clients that you want to provide excellent service in all aspects!

With years of experience in making restaurants such as yours look their best, Grease Masters delivers best-in-class high-pressure power washing service to ensure your customers get the “right” first impression.

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