Drain Socks

Sewer & Drain Supplies – Drain Socks

Drain socks capture fine particles – such as sand, rice, hair, and sawdust. Available in 2″, 3″, and 4″.

The solid mesh Drain Sock is a disposable floor drain strainer consisting of an elastic nylon membrane bag attached to a specially designed ring that keeps the membrane bag in place.

Simply insert Drain Socks into the drain pipe below the floor drain grate. When the bag fills up or the drain gets sluggish, remove the Drain-Net, discard, and insert a new one. (Custom sizes available.) Drain Socks keeps all solid food particles from entering your drainage system through the floor drains. Only waste water can pass through.

Drain Socks (sometimes called a filter bag) capture rice, sand, hair and other fine particles. It is also an ideal solution for construction sites when you want to prevent saw dust, drywall dust, and other debris from entering the new piping system.

Reduce or completely eliminate the need for expensive drain cleaning services. Drain Socks also reduce expensive grease trap pumping and cleaning costs. Seventy to ninety percent of the effluence retained in your grease trap is solid food particles (not grease).

Drain Socks reduce the inconvenience of flooded floors in a busy kitchen workplace. They also help eliminate offensive odors.

Grease Masters provides a full selection of Drain Socks to fit most every application. Call us today.