Grease Filter Media

Roof Protection – Grease Filter Media

A grease gutter without the correct filter media diminishes the overall protection for your rooftop. 

Grease Masters offers replacement absorbents that are engineered to prevent roof top grease discharge damage. 

Our absorbent filter media replacement products are manufactured using 100% recycled Hydrophobic materials and bio-degradable grease  neutralizers. This means that they ONLY absorb exhaust fan grease discharge – not precipitation; making them extremely effective, as well as environmentally friendly.

  • Absorbs ONLY fat based oils (not precipitation)
  • Proprietary additive “neutralizes” the grease when contained
  • Contains up to 5 gallons of ventilator grease discharge
  • Durable, flame and U.V. resistant outer skin
  • Fast, easy, mess free to maintain
  • Available for High-Capacity, Standard, Sidekick and all custom roof top grease containment system

A single source for all your grease containment challenges is a just a phone call away.  Call Grease Masters today and we’ll get you the filter media you need right away.