Fire Suppression

Over Half of All Structure Fires Start in the Kitchen

Don’t leave your fire suppression systems to chance. Be Ready. Be Safe. Be Sure.

Operating a commercial kitchen or restaurant safely is a constant challenge.  Don’t tempt fate. Be protected from disaster.

Our fire suppression services protect you and your customers.

Over 2,000 customers count on us to service their facilities. You can, too.

Get trained fire suppression experts who will:

  • Inspect and Maintain Kitchen Exhaust Hood Suppression Systems
  • Inspect, Service, Recharge and Certify Fire Extinguishers
  • Ensure Emergency/Exit Lighting is Ready When Needed
  • Provide Life Safety Services

Maintain Compliance with Computerized Scheduling

Grease Masmters understands that completing regularly scheduled testing and servicing of your emergency protection systems in the most cost effective way to maintain integrity of your system while also meeting requirements, mandated by national, state and local fire agencies as well as insurance providers.

Restaurants, commercial and industrial kitchens in the St. Louis Metro, and from Springfield, Illinois to the Missouri Boot Heel call us to ensure their fire suppression systems are ready to go, if and when they are needed.